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Apprenticeship in Alaska

Apprenticeship has unique advantages to fill Alaska's unique workforce needs. Registered apprenticeship is a proven system of workforce training that helps employers meet their workforce needs and employees meet their career needs. This skills-based training system combines structured, on-the-job learning and related technical instruction. Our vision of apprenticeship in Alaska is for apprentices to earn while they learn and employers to grow a tailored, industry-standardized workforce.

Registered Apprenticeship in Alaska (FY21):

  • 849 new Registered Apprentices
  • 1,934 total Registered Apprentices
  • 288 Registered Apprenticeship programs
  • 225 involved employers

What is Apprenticeship?

A Registered Apprenticeship is a job!

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Registered Apprenticeships are registered with the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) and meet five required components:

  1. Employer involvement
  2. Structured OTJ training
  3. Related instruction
  4. Rewards for skill gains
  5. Industry credentials

Non-Registered Apprenticeships are not registered by the USDOL but may meet the five requirements outlined above.

Pre-Apprenticeship is a program that has a documented partnership with an employer and is designed to prepare individuals to enter and succeed in an apprenticeship program. Alaska has several successful pre-apprenticeship programs, like Alaska Works Partnership (AWP) and Alaska Primary Care Association (APCA).

Youth Apprenticeship is designed for youth (16-24 years old) currently enrolled in secondary education or pursuing a high school equivalency. For more information on youth apprenticeship, visit Alaska Works Partnership,, or look at what Alaska’s Youth Program Providers have to offer.

What are the Benefits of Apprenticeship?

Benefits for Apprentices

  • Individuals get paid work experience, training, decreased student debt, and can turn a job into a career.
  • A paycheck
  • Hands-on career training
  • An education
  • A career
  • National Industry Certification

Interested in becoming an apprentice? Learn more on our Career Seekers & Changers: Become a Registered Apprentice page.

Benefits for Employers

  • Employers gain specifically trained, qualified, and loyal employees.
  • Skilled employees tailored to employer’s needs
  • Higher productivity and knowledge transfer
  • Payroll and training cost savings
  • A systematic approach to training
  • Reduced turnover rates
  • Lower recruitment costs
  • A pipeline of skilled workers
  • Improved safety

Interested in developing an apprenticeship program or becoming a registered sponsor? Learn more on our Employers: Create a Registered Apprenticeship page.

Facts About Apprenticeship

  • Apprenticeship is a form of work-based learning that provides formal, on-the-job training (OJT) and classroom instruction.
  • Through apprenticeship, participants can develop a high-quality career pathway while employers develop and prepare their future workforce.
  • It’s a win-win for employers, participants, the workforce, and the economy!
  • There are registered and non-registered apprenticeships.
  • An apprenticeship program can be sponsored by a single employer, a group of employers, or an organization.
  • They can be union OR non-union jobs.
  • There are over 1,000 apprenticeable occupations in a wide variety of fields including medical, information technology, construction, and more.
  • Apprenticeship is for all genders and most ages. A majority of apprenticeship programs employ people over the age of 16 while some require you be 18 or older. For youth under 16, there may be pre-apprenticeship or youth apprenticeship options available.

A variety of grants are available to help fund apprenticeship programs. Contact to learn more!


Apprenticeship in Alaska FAQ

United States Department of Labor Frequently Asked Questions

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Have more questions about becoming an apprentice? Call or visit one of our Job Centers.

Have more questions about creating a registered apprenticeship? Reach out to our Business Connections office, contact our Statewide Apprenticeship Office at (907) 269-3729, or reach out to our Federal Office of Apprenticeship Partner.