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Alaska Technical Vocational Education Program (TVEP)

In 2000, legislation was enacted establishing the Alaska Technical Vocational Education Program. Recipients of TVEP non-competitive grant funds are part of a statewide vocational training system, working together with industry and state agencies to provide a comprehensive and unified response to Alaska's training needs.

TVEP funds must be used for technical and vocational training programs that align with workforce regional demands and the Alaska Workforce Investment Board’s industry priorities. The AWIB’s policy on vocational and technical education entitled "Alaska's Future Workforce Strategic Policies and Investment Blueprint” describes Alaska’s framework and guiding principles for development of technical and vocational education within Alaska’s workforce development system.

TVEP Grant Recipients Include:

  • Alaska Technical Center
  • Amundsen Educational Center
  • Ilisagvik College
  • Northwestern Alaska Career & Technical Education Center
  • Partners for Progress in Delta, Inc.
  • Southwest Alaska Vocational and Education Center
  • Yuut Elitnaurviat, Inc. People’s Learning Center