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Alaska Workforce Investment Board Staff

Dirk Craft, Executive Director

(907) 269-2073

Staff to: Executive Committee; Legislative Committee

Jeff Steeprow, Assistant Director

(907) 269-3569

Equal Opportunity Officer

Rut (Root) Ocasio-Lopez, Program Coordinator

(907) 269-3745

Staff to: Executive Committee; Legislative Committee; and Workforce Readiness Employment Placement

Xavien Phillips, Grants Administrator

(907) 269-4562

Staff to: Executive Committee, Legislative Committee, and Assessment and Evaluation

Leslie Vines, Program Coordinator

(907) 269-8158

Shena Marcil, Program Coordinator

(907) 269-4590

Staff to: Workforce Readiness Employment Placement

Sean Pierce, Program Coordinator

(907) 269-4551

Susan Hunter, Program Coordinator

(907) 269-3562

Christina Young, Grants Administrator

(907) 269-4660

Breanna Cooper, Administrative Assistant

(907) 269-7327